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Never Tell My Daughter Bullying is a Sign of Affection

...because violence and love don't belong in the same room.



In a society that is not too distant from your time, my dear reader, dwells 13 billion people who inhabit the globe. Compared to only 20 years ago, 13 billion is a significant decrease in population. Prior, there were 17.5... Continue Reading →

Why I Made a Safety Pin Yard Sign

If wearing a safety pin makes any minority, person of LGBTQ, or anyone in general feel more safe, just one person, it is absolutely worth it.

Protesters Aren’t “Crybabies”

We will not stand for hate.

A Letter of Apology and Hope to My Daughter

I have faith in you. I have faith that there will always be a brighter tomorrow. Above all else, I love you.

Transgendered Views of Hot Issues

Please have empathy in that voting booth.

“Your Baby Will Be a Liberal, Tree-Hugging, Douche Like You”

How in the hell did I end up a liberal?

Gender Disappointment is Normal

It doesn't make you an unfit parent.

7 Things to Never Say to a Sexual Crime Survivor

We are not victims. We are survivors.

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