Whenever I see groups like “Women for Trump” or “Latinos for Trump” I become utterly confused. I do not understand why these groups, as well as groups like them, would essentially sign up for their own demise by voting Trump/Pence on the presidential ballot. I often point out the flaws of voting for the Trump/Pence ticket to mostly women supporters, and the number 1 reason they provide in a defense is “He [Trump] has balls”.

Trump “has balls” because of his racist outbursts, frustrated recommendations of violence, and his “plan” of eliminating ISIS? Allow me to shred apart that argument quickly: Trump isn’t brave because he says exactly what is on his mind, many politicians and people in general do that, but they aren’t assholes like him. “Hey! Trump is only saying what we are all thinking!” No, he’s not, and if you honestly believe that statement, odds are that you’re an asshole too.

For some reason Trump supporters take offense when anyone claims he is sexist or a predator even in light of the recent allegations, which his supporters claim to be false and completely fabricated by the Clinton campaign and the media. Allegations aside, Trump’s own words in regards to women should be every woman’s nightmare. If any grown man said they would be dating my 10 year old daughter in the future, he would no longer have a future to look forward to. The Trump/Pence ticket is the perfect storm of extremist anti women’s rights. Pence obliterates women’s rights, and as an Indiana native, I would know.

While I could take the time to rip apart nearly every single Trump/Pence proposed policy from foreign affairs to energy, there is only one ultimate reason I refuse to vote Trump/Pence: I love my daughter. The fact that my daughter is a mere 5 months old at the moment is irrelevant because within the next 4 years she will grow and develop into a Shamwow that absorbs the world around her. Both Trump and Pence have been and will continue to be horrific for women.

I love my daughter so much that I believe she should have the ultimate power over her own body. I want her to have access to affordable health care like Planned Parenthood. I love her so much that if she one day has a miscarriage, I don’t want her to be forced to relive that pain through mandatory funerary services. I love my daughter so much that if she was raped, she wouldn’t automatically be viewed as a guilty party by having to prove the rape was “forcible” in order for legal access to an abortion. I love her so much that if she falls in love with another woman someday, I want her to be able to go to any business and be treated like every other customer. I love her so much that I believe she deserves to live in a nation where its leader does not objectify her simply because of her gender and who does not contribute to rape culture.

I love my daughter so much that I refuse to vote for Trump/Pence.