My baby Storm,

I have an email account set up for you, and by the time you read this, you will have realized that by now. On Election Day this past Tuesday, I wrote you an email. I told you that your Daddy and I did our part in hoping to ensure your future in an accepting nation. I’m sorry to say that we didn’t succeed.

I took this picture of you early Wednesday morning, extremely early, because your little butt doesn’t like sleep. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, whoever came up with “sleep like a baby” didn’t realize that babies sleep like shit. There you were, laughing and playing and cooing at me every single time we made eye contact, and my heart broke for you.  I have to begin this letter as an apology because I am, with the utmost sincerity, devastatingly sorry.


I am sorry that just because you were born as a female, that your rights have such a grave possibility of being trampled over. No, I don’t foresee you having or needing an abortion or  access to Planned Parenthood in the next 4 years of your life,  but the fact is that if you were older, the possibility of you needing those services would be all too real. I am so incredibly sorry that your nation’s soon to be leader has gotten away with numerous sexual assaults, blatant and sexist comments, and remarks against entire groups of people on the division of race and religious backgrounds. I’m sorry that your maternal roots are grounded in a state that went almost entirely red.

You won’t remember this because your existence wasn’t even in our thoughts at the time, but during the last election, the most offensive remark by any candidate running for president was a comment made about having “a binder full of women“. Oh, how I miss those much simpler times. I will say this only once: going red and going Trump/Pence red are 2 incredibly different shades. For the majority of the time, I don’t agree with conservative views, but I can respect and tolerate them. However, the Trump/Pence views and those who support that team, especially or even entirely on social issues, I still respect them as people and Americans, but I and other progressives cannot tolerate a huge, backwards stride in all of the social progress that has happened under the Obama Administration.

I hope that when you are old enough to understand, that the LGBT community doesn’t exist. Why? Because they will have been accepted into the American community as a whole, because there won’t be a label and they are respected and treated just as every other human being deserves. The same with the black community, and the Latino community, I hope that we strive far enough to just be citizens, all created equal with no categorization of labels, but not while losing our individual and cultural identities and unique personalities. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening, and for that, I have to apologize again. When the Vice President elect has been headstrong on ripping away the rights of the LGBT community, and the President elect has a racist track record, I am afraid the path to a consensus of acceptance has been derailed.

While I can’t change this outcome, I can promise you that your father and I plan to fight for what is right. Thanks to our geographical situation, you better believe that when there is a bill going through congress that has damaging consequences to minorities and women, we will be in capital hill protesting, probaly with your cute self by our side. We will be more involved with our community and school systems more than ever before because of you. I’ve attended protests in Indianapolis, I went door to door when Obama was running in a red state that flipped blue, attended anti-genocide rallies, and don’t think for a second that that will end because it seems like all hope is lost from a liberal standpoint. This is the beginning of an inevitable revolution, and when you are old enough to read The Wealth Of Nations and The Communist Manifesto, you will understand why, and I cannot wait to have those discussions with you.


In spite of all of these things, there is one thing that I can do that will absolutely make this world  a better place, and that is raise you into a kind and loving person. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be strong-willed exactly like your mother and father. I can try my hardest to to protect you, but I won’t always be there when you witness the hate and the ugly in the world, so we will teach you to fight for what is right. You will know to stand up to oppressors and to never be a bystander even if you aren’t the one falling victim to that oppression, and to have a humble attitude because no matter how much you don’t have, you will realize there is always someone who has less. We will teach you compassion and love and you will know that success is exactly what you make of it, and if you work hard there is nothing that you can’t accomplish.  You will create great art, write moving words, and develop a sense of community and friendships that hold your morals and values just as dear as you. I have no doubt that we won’t agree on everything, but I know in my heart that you will end up a “tree-hugging, liberal, douche” like me (and your dad).


Everyone is afraid of my and your father’s generation. We tend to be unpredictable, but we are also the most accepting generation to ever inhabit the US. When you see a map like the one below, it’s only the beginning. All of that blue is young people who are becoming adults, who will be an echoing and bellowing voice in years to come, and we are the ones who are starting families, who are having children. The way that we raise your generation is of vital importance,  and with all of the acceptance that the majority of millennials have in their hearts, I hope that your generation will be even more accepting and loving and compassionate, and I will do my damn best to make sure you are a great, moving factor among them. I know you will do great things, I know you will be an amazing leader, and I know you will be an amazing human being.


I have faith in you. I have faith that there will always be a brighter tomorrow. Above all else, I love you.