In a society that is not too distant from your time, my dear reader, dwells 13 billion people who inhabit the globe. Compared to only 20 years ago, 13 billion is a significant decrease in population. Prior, there were 17.5 billion people infesting the planet. However, 4.5 billion continue to reside in my country, Emarica. As soon as I walk out of my home every morning, following the same drag routine, it is impossible to make any sudden turn without the possibility of being trampled by a rushed crowd. All of the massive crowds consist of individual robots. I know what you are thinking, dear reader, “robots?” Please note that when I mention robots, I do not want you to imagine platinum steel and blinking buttons.The robots of which I speak of are similar to you and me: they possess bones that provide a framework for muscle and flesh; they have eyes, ears, and mouths, but are blinded, deafened, and muted by fear and ignorance (although I hope the cause is mostly fear).

The over population in Emarica has caused strict laws. Only robots who are unionized are permitted to bare children, and there is a precise application process in order for the male and female to become fertile. There are unfortunate instances when one of the unionized partners does not pass the application process and the other does, then, and only then, are the unionized couples allowed to legally separate. However, different results on an application belonging to a couple are rarely returned with such outcomes. Less than 5 percent of applicants are selected to reproduce.

I wish I had been born in a more simpler time, perhaps even your time, my dear reader. There are countless rules and regulations to abide in Emarica, and none of them are the least bit entertaining.

In my country’s history there were great divisions involving many issues, but it seems as though flesh pigmentation was one of memorable importance. In the past, lighter pigments had the right to own darker pigments. Eventually that ended, but injustices continued, even after everyone was equal in terms of law. It is important to recognize that laws are only words and hold no authority. The only way for laws to succeed, is for the masses to put faith into the laws and trust into the enforcers, but what were the people to do when the enforcers were the cause of mistrust and injustice? There was chaos and rage from the people and riots against the government. For once, the government feared its people instead of the other way around. The anger of the people of the past leaves me continuously envious because they were not afraid, and if they were, they did not display fear. They were brave, and I am now engulfed in a populace of cowards.

Through methods of media shushed violence, the angry people were extinguished by their government. I do not know the means of that violence, no one does from my understanding, but it was severe enough to cripple the people, and the shock wave is still present in my society. Eventually, the Emarican government decided that all pigments and tones needed to be the same. I imagine this was a result of the immense amount of blood and death that stained my country’s reputation and to ensure peace between enforcers and citizens. At birth, similar to sterilization, every newborn is injected to make their to make their pigment tone neutral. Every face that stare back at me in this world is a pale gray like an evening sky moments before a snowfall. The boredom that my people have to look upon everyday is exhausting. My eyes crave and water for distinguishable colors.

There are many abandoned words in current Emarica. There is an entire book dedicated to a list of the illegal words, and if one is uttered, the punishment varies in severity depending on the word that is spoken. The punishment can range from public works, suspensionary home confinement, death, and worst of all, becoming a nightwalker.

The publishing of The Abandoned Words does not provide definitions nor explanations, only a single list.

Here is where my story begins, my dear reader, when I became too curious and thirsty for answers.