If you are searching for a crazy, sleep deprived, and strong willed mother like yourself, hi! I’m The Progressive Mom, and yes, we can be best friends. I probably should apologize in advance for the emotional roller coaster and varied topics in this blog, but I won’t because being a parent isn’t all about baby milestones and the latest trends regarding organic wipes and applesauce. Of course being a parent does involve all of the basic cliches, but being aware of the world as well as actively participating in it is vital. Even if the action is only a blog, do something to help ensure a more stable world for our children. I’m not saying when our kids are adults that there won’t be bullshit because there always is and will be, but hopefully it won’t be as severe as it currently is.

I am a 23 year old mother of a 5 month old baby girl born out of wedlock, and if that is offensive to you, you will be severely outraged by this blog’s content and I suggest rereading your hard copy of Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul. Every post is primarily opinion based, but never without researched evidence to support whatever subject I decide to rant about. I am originally from the Midwest but have relocated to the east coast where I live with my fiance, daughter, 2 dogs, and guinea pig.

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With my humble gratitude,

The Progressive Mom